At market like merchandise, instead of divorce

The practice of selling wives dates back to the early 1300s in Britain. The way men led the women's auction was the same as how animals were treated.

A man would place a halter around the woman’s neck or her waist. …

Crime History

The Leonarda Cianciulli story

From a childhood curse by her mother to a future interpretation of doom by a fortune teller and a Romani, Leonarda found herself with no other choice than to save her surviving children. Her mother’s instincts kicked in when she lost 13 of her 17 children.

She couldn’t bear to…

A wish fulfilled

Despite what you have experienced, you have the potential to achieve anything you want. The bigger, the better.

So what do you want? Answering this question is very hard for most adults since most have learned to settle for things they don’t want. …

They keep promises to other people and never to themselves.

Struggling people always feel that something (out of their reach) is missing for their lives to be complete. They struggle to make life pleasant and see nothing working in their favor.

Look at a baby whose bones are not yet strong to hold it. It ignores that and instinctively tries…

Thriller horror

The Acid Bath Murderer story

Amid all the chaos of World War II, the McSwans were devastated to hear that their son, William, had fled to Scotland in fear of being forced to go to war.

However, they received news that William was back in London for only one night and longed to see his…

The cautionary story of Dirty John

John’s online dating profile said he was a divorced physician, just a Christian man looking for love and someone to share his life with. Debra had recently gone on a couple of awful dates and longed to find the one.

Debra’s disappointments were nullified when she finally met John. The…

Read this to Avoid feeling regret in the Future

Treat your life like a smartphone.

It is up to you to customize your life in ways that make it more useful, just like you do with your smartphone. Most people face life crises because of one particular factor — regret.

Regret on career choices, relationships, etc. We can fit…

The inescapable Mecklenburg Correctional Center

Back in 1982, fear started spreading like wildfire at the Mecklenburg Correctional Center in Virginia. One of the most notorious prisoners on death row, Frank Coppola, was executed via the electric chair. Coppola was convicted of beating a woman to death in a robbery. …

The case of Dr. Margo Prade

On November 26th, 1997, the day before Thanksgiving, a doctor named Lorie Collins walked outside of Margo’s medical practice for a cigarette break.

Lorie noticed that Margo’s van was parked. But that morning, Margo had not turned up for work. Lorie went to check if Margo was inside the van…

Something about DNA resurrection

Diogo Alves, born in 1810, was one of the most brutal and frightening human beings of his time. And more than 170 years after he was executed, he still sends a spooky sensation down the spine of unsuspecting individuals who look into his cold gaze.

It’s possible to look into…

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