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Statue of Juana Maria and A plaque commemorating Juana Maria at Santa Barbara Mission cemetery — images courtesy of Wikimedia

Juana Maria, the only survivor of her tribe

Many movies have tried to portray how life would be like if one got stuck on an island. For Juana Maria, living on an island alone was not a movie: she spent eighteen years alone on the island of San Nicolas, in the Channel Islands, off the coast of California.

Maria was the last surviving descendant of the Nicoleño tribe during the 1700s to 1800s. She and her people inhabited the island of San Nicolas. By the time she was born, her descendants had lived on the island for almost
10 000 years. …

The strange yet accepted practice of mailing Babies

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Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

People have attempted to mail all kinds of bizarre packages in history. Mail carriers would receive packages like coffins, dogs, and even building materials in the early nineteens.

And, babies were not an exception. If you can’t imagine receiving a baby as your mail, read on, these 20th-century families prove and convince you how possible and normal it was to mail a child.

How it all started

In 1913, the United States allowed domestic parcels. This led to the rise of child mails. The first successful mailed baby was eight months old James Beagle. …

The strange and inspiring story of Henry Box Brown

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Illustration of Henry Box Brown’s “resurrection” in Philadelphia — image courtesy of Wikimedia

In the days of slavery, it was almost impossible for slaves to get freedom from the masters. But, Henry Box Brown was an exception. Even though Brown was born into slavery, he managed to think of a plan to get freedom — by himself. But what pushed him to try escaping his unfortunate circumstances? Also, what can we learn from his very remarkable success?

The “Why”

Henry Box Brown was born in 1815 on the Hermitage plantation, Louisa County, Virginia. At the age of fifteen, he was already working in a tobacco factory in Richmond. …

The Dancing Plague of 1518

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A depiction of the dancing plague of Strasbourg —image courtesy of Wikimedia commons

When we hear of plagues, we often think of deadly diseases affecting a certain region, leading to many deaths.

But instead of sadness and staying in bed, imagine people dancing and laughing as the main symptom. Yes, the Dancing Plague of 1518 was quite an exception. Many people danced for days to death.

How the plague started

The Dancing Plague started with a German housewife referred to as Frau Troffea.

On one afternoon, in the middle of the year 1518, Troffea stepped out of her house in Strasbourg and immediately started dancing in the streets. She danced all day and the next day, attracting…

The most disgusting cannibalism confession in history

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Convicted Baltimore killer Joseph Roy Metheny — image courtesy of by TIM PRUDENTE

On December 15th, 1996, Joseph Roy Metheny was arrested for the death of a woman named Spicer.

Metheny had asked a friend to help him bury the body of the woman. The friend went on to report Metheny, which led to his arrest. But, in his confession, Metheny revealed some very disturbing information.

He claimed that he had killed up to thirteen people, most of whom were female sex workers. He would put some of the victims’ meat in Tupperware containers and store it in the freezer. …

A city buried in ashes in the glimpse of two days

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An Illustration of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius by Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes —image courtesy of Wikimedia

The ancient city of Pompeii is famous for being destroyed by a volcano in just two days. This small town was located in the current Campania region of Italy, southeast of Naples. It was one of the unlucky places to experience the wrath of Mount Vesuvius’s eruption.

In August 79 A.D., the people of Pompeii were unaware of the tragic incident that was about to strike their city. If the people weren’t burnt with the hot volcanic lava from Mount Vesuvius, then suffocation and immense heat would make the kill. Well, they couldn’t escape too. …

In honor of their careers and how they made us feel

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Aaliyah D. Haughton, Buddy Holly, and Patsy Cline —Image by Wikimedia and

It seems like every decade; plane crashes rob the world of amazingly talented people. When you consider the death of young artists like Aaliyah, it feels like musicians have not been favored by airplanes. This is unfair since they have to tour the world using air travel. In remembrance and honor of these icons, here are music stars who died in a plane crash.

Patsy Cline

America’s most heartbreaking assassin

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Lee Harvey Oswald (the assassin) and President Kennedy’s head and shoulders taken at the autopsy — images courtesy of Wikimedia

At approximately 12:30 pm, on November 22nd, 1963, a former Marine sharpshooter fired three shots that changed the world. One of the bullets pierced straight through the head of John F. Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), the American President.

The shooting unfolded the following events:

  • The President was rushed to Parkland Hospital, where he died 12 minutes after entering the trauma room.
  • The incident marked President Kennedy’s last words, “No, you certainly can’t.” A reply to Nellie Connally saying, “Mr. President, you can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you.”
  • The arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald from a movie theater a few hours after the…

But they sent him to prison for his enthusiasms

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David Hahn posing in front of his backyard lab (left), Professionals taking apart the said lab— Image credits Weird History and wearethemighty

At 2:40 am on August 31st, 1994, the authorities received an emergency alert about a car tire theft. Upon arrival, the cops were about to experience a very rare incident. A teenage boy named David Hahn was loading his nuclear reactor into his car. The cops searched his vehicle thinking they would find a bomb. Instead, they found an unusual and dangerous nuclear reactor. It astonishingly measured 1000 times the average background radiation.

This is the story of an intelligent child whose ambitions went wrong. But, what kind of background did Hahn grow up in? …

The desperate man who sold a dead land as a retirement paradise

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General Gregor MacGregor (L) — Engraving from “Sketch of the Mosquito Shore”, a representation of Territory of Poyais (R). Images by Wikimedia

In late 1822, hundreds of eager settlers sailed for a paradise, Poyais, to live out the rest of their lives. The settlers were mainly Scottish people, most of them being older men and women. To the people’s knowledge, Poyais was an amazing territory located in the Mosquito Coast.

With this earthly paradise came along remarkable features, including:

  • Land that could yield anything. The land could produce tons of maize all throughout the year and a series of other crops.
  • A river where one could mine tons of gold.
  • Tons of fish and wildlife.
  • Very conducive weather throughout the year, with…

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