DNA results revealed His filthy lies in 2015

Nan Britton And her book cover — Image from Nan Britton and parismatch

Around 1928, when a woman named Nan Britton claimed that she was not only the president’s mistress but had given birth to his daughter, no one believed her.

She was viewed as a gold digger, a degenerate, and a pervert.

People thought she was crazy and condemned her, the media tarnished her image, and she was forced to live lowkey for the rest of her life.

From Secretary To Secret Pregnancy

Nanna Popham Britton was born on November 9th, 1896, in Ohio, US. She found herself in the middle of a dramatic scandal with the 29th president of the U.S., Warren G. Harding (R-Ohio). …

They claimed to be “in love”

Katie, 18 years old, reunited with Steven, 42 years old — Image from dailymail.co.uk

“Katie is pregnant. Dad says they feel like couples. My dad is…he is Satan, he is …Satan. He will go to hell, but he will not be the one getting tortured. He will be the one torturing people.” — a girl’s description of a relationship between her father and her sister.

The story begins with a young couple, Steven Pladl and Alyssa Garcia. The couple met on the internet and immediately hit it off. At that time, Pladl was in his twenties while Garcia was fifteen years old.

The pair welcomed their first daughter, Denise, two years into their relationship…

Myths which are believed in tend to become truth

Image by intographics from Pixabay

What you hear contributes a great deal to how you see your potential. Your felt potential influences what you do with your life.

In our societies, we get told things, some are truths, some are myths. But, myths are so common in our society, and often disguise as truth. Some keep us safe, but what about those that cripple us.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Success Is the “Pre-Defined” Life for You To Chase.

For tribe’s men in Kenya, success is having meat from a good hunt. They completely ignore the popularized definitions of “successful”. They are content with theirs.

We forgot that our life is to be defined…

This mother was obsessed with marrying her own children

Patricia and her daughter Misty — image from dailymail.co.uk

A google search of the name Patricia Ann Spann will take you to a strange bio of a woman whose listed spouses are exactly similar to her listed biological children.

This story is about huge deception, manipulation, and disgusting behavior from a woman estranged from her three children. When she finally located them, she used the opportunity to tie herself to them using unspeakable ways.

In Oklahoma, U.S.A, 2001, Patricia Ann Spann lost her husband, James D Spann. The couple had three children together, two boys, Jody Span Jr, Cody Spann, and a girl, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann.

But, due…

At market like merchandise, instead of divorce

An 1820 English caricature of a wife sale —image courtesy of Wikimedia

The practice of selling wives dates back to the early 1300s in Britain. The way men led the women's auction was the same as how animals were treated.

A man would place a halter around the woman’s neck or her waist. In some cases, children were offered as a package bonus.

As you go through this story, you will find out that it was more about dishonoring the woman. The men were “tired” of the behavior of the women they sold. That’s what justified the practice. Were the men satisfied after the shaming auction of their wives? …

I slept with the enemy (his wife) with one eye open — Ramon

Ramon Sosa(also pictured fake dead) and Lulu Dorantes — image from dailymail.co.uk

When Ramon met Lulu in a totally accidental situation, he had no idea about the drastic turn his life was about to take. Lulu accidentally stepped on Ramon’s foot, and from that moment, one thing led to another.

The two newly met strangers danced together the rest of the night, and they later went home together. That was only the beginning of their love story.

From the Dance Floor to the Marriage Altar

Ramon Sosa, who lived in Houston, USA, and his wife, Lulu Dorantes, originally from Mexico, met in 2007. …

A girl and a boy from a pit

Two children (a girl and a boy) appeared from a wolf pit near the English village of Woolpit. Their skin was of green complexion, and their dressing was weird.

The story sounds like an English folk tale, but interestingly historians have studied the facts behind such a bizarre scene.

Some people believe the green children never existed and are part of folklore passed down through generations until it was believed to be true. Others believe the story happened, but the narrations of what actually transpired have been biased over the years.

Two Ideas About the Reality of the Green Children

A dive into the two accounts of the green…

The mischievous Marcus

The Queen at the Trooping of the Colour ceremony, where she almost got shot — image from express.co.uk

Imagine a teenage boy watching reports about John Lennon’s assassination, and for some reason decides — “That’s cool!! I should kill the Queen too.”

In reality, the boy wrote in his diary:

“I am going to stun and mystify the world with nothing more than a gun… I will become the most famous teenager in the world.”

Despite the Queen being heavily guarded, a seventeen-year-old boy orchestrated a plan to kill her, which almost worked. This happened in the year 1981, and the boy was Marcus Simon Sarjeant.

The Weird Source of the Boy’s Mischievous Inspiration

Sarjeant’s desire for fame drew inspiration from the assassinations of respected figures…

The most TWISTED love story you’ll ever read

Paintings of Frida Kahlo (in white) and Diego Rivera (in black) — image from www.huckmag.com

“There have been two great accidents in my life, the terrible crash that left me broken and the time I met Diego Rivera.” — Frida Kahlo

The paintings of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera portrayed a couple that was so deep in love that no force could break it. To Kahlo, Rivera became the son she never had. And to Rivera, Kahlo became more like a mother protector. She was different and revolutionary, and a painter with a sharp observing eye on the world.

It was impossible to separate Kahlo from Rivera if you talked about either of them. …

Kids on strike vs. men in suits

Kids (Newsboys) who distributed newspapers for companies — image from nydailynews.com

In 1899, almost five thousand young child laborers, who ranged from seven to twelve years old, went on a strike against two publishing tycoons with the intention of demanding better wages. One of the strike’s leaders, a newsboy named Kid Blink, hyped the other newsboys with the statement,

“Ain’t that 10 cents worth as much to us as it is to Hearst and Pulitzer, who are millionaires? Well, I guess it is. If they can’t spare it, how can we? …

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