At market like merchandise, instead of divorce

An 1820 English caricature of a wife sale —image courtesy of Wikimedia

The practice of selling wives dates back to the early 1300s in Britain. The way men led the women's auction was the same as how animals were treated.

A man would place a halter around the woman’s neck or her waist. In some cases, children were offered as a package bonus.

As you go through this story, you will find out that it was more about dishonoring the woman. The men were “tired” of the behavior of the women they sold. That’s what justified the practice. Were the men satisfied after the shaming auction of their wives? …

The bone-chilling story of Ronald, sentenced to death by lethal injection

A picture of Ronald Clark O’Bryan and his son — image credit synwritestruecrime

On March 31st, 1984, a deacon at Second Baptist Church became the first man sentenced to death by lethal injection under Texas law. His last words, “I forgive all, and I do mean all those who have been involved in my death. God bless you all. And, may God’s best blessings be always yours.”

But, what could have led a very religious man of his nature to undergo such a harsh punishment?

The events leading to the death of the deacon stretched back to about ten years back. After the Halloween night of October 1974, the parents of a small…

The Most Extreme Cannibal Couple in History — Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia.

Containers full of human flesh and pictures of Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia — Photo by East2west News

On September 11th, 2017, cops in Russia were alerted of a lost phone, which contained a disturbing selfie of a man-eating a human hand while holding a dismembered woman’s head. The police traced the phone back to Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia, a couple from Southern Russia.

Inside their house, cops found these surprising things:

  • photos of dead bodies
  • jars with human parts inside the fridge
  • nineteen pieces of human skin
  • seven frozen packs of body parts
  • a recipe book on dinners to prepare using human flesh
  • a videotape tutorial on how to dismember and acquire particular meat (muscle groups) from…

She insists she is not alone

Elsie Eiler, the 1 resident of Monowi — Original Image by Doug Struck (edited by author)

In Northern Nebraska, you find America’s smallest incorporated town. And, the town has a population of one official resident, an eighty-seven-year-old sweet lady called Elsie Eiler. Eiler is the town’s mayor, librarian and also runs the only tavern in the town.

After arriving in the town, you would notice how it’s mostly peaceful and quiet. There are three functional buildings. One of them is Eiler’s house, and the others are a library and the tavern.

How Monowi ended up with one official resident?

In 1902, the town of Monowi was founded. The town thrived mainly on farming, livestock rearing on top of being a railroad town. …

It’s normal to take pictures and selfies with dead relatives.

A girl taking a selfie with her relative (dead 20+ years ago) — Image taken by Claudio Sieber

Different parts of the world have different customs and traditions. And, depending on where you grew up, some of these traditions can seem and feel strange. One particular example is the Torajan traditions when it comes to treating their dead relatives.

The Torajans are an ethnic group from South Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a population of over 1 million. And, the Torajans have a different way of treating and honoring their dead.

The Dutch colonizers started influencing the Torajans’ culture in the 17th Century. Dutch missionaries introduced them to Christianity in the 1900s. …

The People=Power — Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton —Credit: Bettmann Archive/Bettmann

Fred Hampton, full name Fredrick Allen Hampton, was born on August 30, 1948, in Illinois, United States. He grew up in Maywood, which is a suburb of Chicago. As a kid, Hampton was a natural leader.

At the mere age of ten, he invited other children from his neighborhood for breakfast at his house. And, he made the food himself. It is mentioned that Hampton fought against black inequality from that same age. He stood up for equal treatment of all students despite the color.

Hampton attended high school at Proviso East High School and after that went to Triton…

The origin story of the book “The Diary of a Young Girl.”

A page from Anne Frank’s first diary — Wikimedia Commons

Anne Frank is the most popular victim of the Jewish holocaust. She was born in 1929 in, Frankfurt Germany. She was the youngest daughter in her family. But, she was the most outspoken, and a stand-alone. Many in her surrounding felt she came off as rude and disrespectful at times.

In 1933, when Hitler and the Nazi regime rose to power, Frank and her family moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam was the most tolerant city when it came to Jewish persecution at the time. But, in 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands. So, the Frank family tried to leave for America…

Women divorced by proving their Men’s impotence in court

Image from

Unlike today, getting a divorce in the past was almost impossible. Thus, people had to come up with various methods to try and get a divorce.

One of them involved having sexual intercourse in court. The idea was to prove that the man didn’t satisfy the woman. This divorce method was widely popular in Europe.

How the trials were conducted

According to excerpts from the book Law and Private Life in the Middle Ages, the trials largely varied depending on the country and the case.

But, there were general things that were similarly done during the trials. For starters, sex trials usually took place in…

A journey of letting go of sugar and leading a healthier life

Photo by Erika Cristina from Pexels

We all know how it feels to accumulate excess unwanted fat in ridiculous places of our bodies. And, one of the causes is the extra sugar we can’t resist every day. We, in turn, feel less confident about our bodies.

We are forced to dress a certain way to cover that big stomach. And, when summer comes, we find ourselves going for one-piece attires. And admiring that next person with a finessed body.

Your health is your treasure. Once you lose it, you can’t buy it back. Staying healthy increases your life span strengthens your immunity against deadly diseases. …

#4. European diseases

Moai at Rano Rarakum, Easter Island —image from Wikimedia

Are you familiar with the big stone heads in the picture? If yes, you definitely know something about the Easter Island civilization. It was a Polynesian civilization. Even though they were not that many, their head statues are a permanent mark of their presence on the island. The big head statues are called Moai.

The debate on when the Polynesian civilization ended is lately being centered around the island’s environment. This article is going to cover the most popular theories regarding the last days of this famous civilization.

And did you know the island actually has two names? The widespread…

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